Picture of organization founders

Our Story

The journey of “Trans Men Empowerment” (TME) began with a profound vision of creating a brighter, more inclusive future for transgender men. Rooted in the belief that every individual deserves the opportunity to live authentically and thrive, we embarked on a mission to make this vision a reality. We are an organization led by Latinx transgender men, our organization was born from the shared experiences, struggles, and triumphs of transgender men in Texas. We understand that empowerment begins with knowledge, and so we have tirelessly worked to provide resources and education that empower trans men.

Our Mission

Trans Men Empowerment is dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive community that uplifts and empowers trans men. Our mission is to provide resources, education, and advocacy to enhance the well-being and visibility of trans men everywhere. We seek to raise awareness about the challenges faced by transgender men, with the goal of reducing stigma and discrimination.

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